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Public Space – Ste Adele

March 18th, 2013 by Bryan

With a projected opening of June 2013, the main entrance and future home of the summer marketplace is really taking form!  (Photos taken Jan 2013)

Parc Claude-Henri-Grignon

Parc Claude-Henri-Grignon (unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to name the park) will be offering citizens and tourists alike a community space, which will incorporate a permanent location for the outdoor summer market under the glorious flowing rooftop.  The town also has a dedicated website showing artist sketches of how the future park will be presented in its final form.


Watch this short video from CogecoTV showing some construction details and a quick interview with the mayor of Ste-Adele.


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Green Home Guide

March 15th, 2013 by Bryan



Eco-Habitation is a great resource for sustainable builders and renovators.  This page in particular is a fantastic read.

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Maple Syrup – Offbeat?

March 31st, 2012 by Bryan

Perhaps CBC deserved the cuts implemented in this weeks budget… Here’s a story about how climate change is basically destroying a premier industry in Canada and they file it under “Offbeat”.    Ooooh climate change, you’re soooo quirky and hilarious.

Maple_Syrup CBC Screenshot

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Road marking disaster

February 15th, 2012 by Bryan

I’m convinced that the horrific state of road markings in Quebec must play a significant role in the death rate on our highways. Overall the highways I travel are in a much better state structurally and surface wise, with notable exceptions being: the Metropolitan, the entire Turcot interchange and most of the bridges to the south shore.

But a recent trip to New Hampshire that involved driving back to Quebec through a fierce rain storm at night served to highlight the massive difference in road markings and how they play a role in driving safely.

Road reflectors - Cats-eyes

The above image is just an example of what I was presented with as the driver that night in New Hampshire and Vermont.  The actual view was even better, with pole markers on either side lighting the way.  As a rally driver, we use extremely bright lights to see further at night thereby making it easier to steer into upcoming corners with greater confidence.  The same approach should be available to drivers on our road networks in Quebec.

As it stands currently, when driving home last night in a very slight snow fall over roads I travel daily, I was completely at a loss for visual feedback on the highway.  No pole markers, no visible line markings and no cat-eyes to help me on this unlit section of highway.  It was terrible.  It can be so much better.

The fact that the province ‘needs’ to repaint our road and highway lines every year says something even larger about the situation.  Another possible corruption investigation in the works?  Oh and thanks for re-painting in the fall, leaving us with little or no help throughout the summer…

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Lifehacker Energy Smart!

July 23rd, 2011 by Bryan

Some great advice on grounding your Hydro bill.  As Quebecers, we’re quite spoiled by our ultra low energy costs.  But even those are on the rise, as well they should.  Dig into a few simple ideas on how to manage your family’s energy usage on Lifehacker.  With the key in learning how much each appliance/gadget really consumes, then relate that to cost savings.


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Aspartame in Antibiotics

July 16th, 2011 by Bryan

Two of the most overused A-words in our food chain, now combined!


Check your kid’s prescription the next time you unfortunately have to visit the pharmacist.  And then DEMAND a better choice.  Sugar… we miss you so.

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La Place des Citoyens

July 16th, 2011 by Bryan

Ste-Adele made a big announcement on how it plans to develop a central location in town.  It would make permanent structures to accommodate it’s summer weekend market.  Would create spaces for adolescents to hang out, new playgrounds for the wee ones, a ‘natural water park?’ and more.  Storm water management will be handled by the use of landscaping and specific plants.  A path around the perimeter of the park will be used as an ice skating trail in the winter!

Future plans involve moving the city hall to this location and relocating the town’s library as well.

The plans looks very promising, they are on display in front of the park in question located here.

Ste Adele - Place des Citoyens 1

Ste Adele - Place des Citoyens 2

Ste Adele - Place des Citoyens 3

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MEC Bikefest Montreal

April 16th, 2011 by Bryan

MEC Bikefest

Sunday May 8th, Parc Lafontaine, Montreal.

MEC Bikefest is a daylong community celebration of all things bicycle related. Our goal is to bring together Montreal’s bicycle community and those new to bikes, to celebrate the wonders of cycling. Come join us and make it the best bicycle bash in Montreal.

We’re going to try and head down to the city for this event!  Little guy representing on his SPec Hotwalk!

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Cordless Little Suck

March 4th, 2011 by Bryan

 When confronted with two crumb producing children and a seriously lack of dog, our thoughts turned from kneeling and sweeping to kneeling and vacuuming.

With a sack of points at our disposal, we did a little research and picked up a slick ‘little’ Dyson DC30 handheld.


Of the minimal amount of gadgets we have in our possession this will now rank as the bestest.  The first vac to grace our indoor space.  Our multiple work horse commercial vacs sleep outside.  The house being is carpet free (aside from a few small area rugs) we really have no need for an upright and this seemed like a perfect quick solution to our constant spot cleaning.

After using it daily for the past 5 or so months, here’s the breakdown:

- Great suction, easy trap emptying, easy filter cleaning, quick charging.

- Mediocre battery life (5-6min), horrendous trigger design and a tad loud.

I would easily recommend this vac or it’s more recent incarnations to a friend, if you’re in the market for a spot vac, then you couldn’t do much better then this little guy.

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the mythology of green building

August 21st, 2010 by Bryan

Ten Green Building Myths

bright green building

Setting the record straight on common misunderstandings…

Just for fun, I’ve rounded up ten oft-repeated statements that are either half-truths or outright falsehoods. I’m sure some readers will disagree with my conclusions; if you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to post a comment.

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August 11th, 2010 by Bryan

Strange that I needed to find out about this accident through a foreign source, 3 months after the fact… but there you go.  Thank you internet.


The Alstonvale Net Zero House (in Hudson) burned to the ground late May.  Word on the street (i.e. stuff I gleaned from this article) leads people to believe it was caused by an exothermic reaction in the day’s spray foaming party in the attic. Sad… but what a horribly ugly home.

Story here.

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Fait Ici … like!

June 5th, 2010 by Bryan

Something just dropped into my inbox and well I can’t let it just languish there unseen.

Walking EASTward down Notre-Dame from Atwater just gets cooler and cooler.  A new store front, a new neighbour, a new destination for all of you in the Sud-Ouest.  Tucked between a landmark (Dilallo burgers) and much sought after first coffee of the day (Lili & Oli) you will now find…

Fait Ici Awning install


Fait ici is an eco-conscious general store that showcases high quality products primarily made in Quebec. 

Fait ici promises to provide you with an option that delivers on quality and sustainability. We’ve done our homework about the products on our shelves. We know who makes them, where they’re made, and how their produced.

It is also a throwback to the days when shopping was an experience. We aim to provide our clientele with a thoroughly modern twist on an old concept, the general store.

Media Event – June 9th at 2pm (Fait Ici Media Event Doc)

Grand opening June 10th at 5pm (2519 Notre Dame O)

And if any of you wonderful readers get to visit the store before I do, give me the buzz.

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